ON THIS DAY: Sachin’s 200 in an ODI

Screenshot 2015-02-23 23.50.05On this day in 2010, Sachin Tendulkar broke a world record, just for a change, by becoming the first batsman in history to hit 200 in a 50 over International.

The little master’s record broke one that stood for 13 years, jointly held by Charles Coventry of Zimbabwe, and the silky smooth Saeed Anwar. 

Sachin’s 200 came up in just 147 balls, and helped India to beat South Africa by 153 runs.

Dale Steyn conceded 89 runs off his 10 overs, and not even an Ab de Villiers century was enough to save the game.

Despite breaking a long term record, Sachin has since lost his record, and the 200 mark has been surpassed three times more, including a 250 from Rohit Sharma.

In spite of this, Almost exactly a year later, Sachin would be held aloft by his team mates, winning the World Cup in glorious style. This was a building block to one of the best limited overs sides in history. 





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