Narine to the rescue? Not unless he can bat for the top order..

Short of the mark.

To me, the West Indies are like a car with one flat Tyre (Stay with this analogy..). This car can still run because it has three other perfectly good Tyres. Changing the oil of this car is not going to make the car run smoother, because the problem is that there is a flat tyre. I’m sure changing the oil will make other parts of the car run more smoothly, but fundamentally the car is not going anywhere. Likewise, the West Indies have their flat tyre situation. It’s called their top order. They are failing their team. Barath, Powell, Edwards and Bravo have been outdone and out-thought. Totally out of their depth. Bringing in Narine is a good move as he is a good bowler.. but why are people focusing on it as if it the main thing. Their problem is the bat not the ball  in the main..

The top four consist of Barath, Edwards, Powell and Bravo. All failing, all out their depth and letting their team down. Adrian Barath in this series has scores of 42, 24, 7 and 0. In his last series he got 22, 2, 7, 5, 29 and 0. Utterly uninspiring and completely failing as an opening batsmen. When he falls early the platform for the middle is swept from under their feet.  Often the team is 20 odd for two or three. Likewise Powell in this series has 33,1, 5 and 8. Not setting the world alight. This is an awful failing opening partnership. Of course what everyone is thinking is ‘Where is Chris Gayle’ ? With Gayle there could be some power and a platform and lets remember that he would give some momentum !!

Edwards goes

Number three out strolls Kirk Edwards, who looks like a decent player but so far has got 7,0 ,1 and 0. The previous series getting 61, 0 19 and 14. Again not what your looking for from your number three. No platform. No momentum (unless one is referring to the momentum of a collapse..) and essentially an out of his depth kind of player coming to the crease after an early wicket falls.  Now i know what you are thinking.. ‘loads of times an early wicket falls’ but the fact is that when Edwards comes to the crease he is with the other opener and is often then greeted by another wicket immediately. in the past 5 matches only 3 times in 15 innings has an opener got over 40, with only one misely 50. It’s clearly not working and no mystery off spinner from the IPL will solve it.

Powell drags on

Powell goes to Bresnan

Darren Bravo is of course a classy act. Lara esq (how many times people have said that..) and has a real flare and class about him. However he is always coming in at 4 in this ridiculous sitation of 30 or 40 odd for 3 which quickly turns to 4. Instead of being the number four that uses his flare scores some kind of swashbuckling 50 or hundred he is rebuilding against a newish ball. He is struggling early on in his carreer. This series he has got 3, 22, 29, 21 and against the aussies he got a 50, 1, 28, 20 10 and 45. Lots and lots of starts.. but essentially he isn’t going on.

The real problem this shows is that the West Indies are totally incapable of winning. They get skittled out for below par scores regularly. Always behind. Always under pressure and when they even get a par score they are seen as ‘fighting’ and surprising people. Almost as if people have got so used to this lackluster and under performing West indies side that inconsistency is now when they are doing well.

From this it is crystal clear the top four have only got a handful of fifties in the past two series. They have batsmen waiting in the wings such as Sarwan who is once more banging out the runs in First Class cricket. Deonarine who looked good and took  wickets against the Aussies despite also looking a little bit out of his depth. Then there is Gayle and Dwayne Bravo who even if inconsistent have experience and would at least offer some stability. It would give the bowlers something to bowl at. It is of course no secret that Chanderpaul is getting on as well. What is going to happen when he finally ends his career and there has not been a settlement of these senior pro’s ? Bringing in Narine is a good idea but they really need to focus on bringing in some runs. They should look at either of these options:

A. Compromising to get Gayle, Sarwan, Bravo, Deonarine etc back..  – Swallow your pride WICB and get the good old pros back. Admit you are in the wrong and show that what you actually want is for the team to do well and to win rather than to be the world’s laughing stock (in cricketing terms of course..). It is of course strongly favorable that bringing back Sarwan and Deonarine in addition to the in form Samuels would mean strong and daunting experienced middle order.

Sarwan banging out the runs for Liecestershire. 19 international tons but no place in the test side

B. Pick other batsmen from the WI that are  not failing .. – Surely in the West Indies there must be some other batsmen that are capable of scoring some runs? Or is West Indies cricket domestically really in that much of a state .. ?

C. Move Sammy up the order and bring in an extra seamer-  Although he is a bit of a nothing cricketer in the sense he is too slow to be a first change, not good enough with the bat to bat higher up and not in the team just for his fielding; if he does play he shouldn’t be stuck down at number 8. Its a waste, he should be at 6 or 7. He unbalances the side at 8 as they pick a spinner and can therefore only pick two other seamers and that is not ideal as their strength is in seam bowling.

or just drop Sammy, bring back the pros and replace the failing batsmen = problem solved 🙂 Happy days!/Stumpycricket


3 thoughts on “Narine to the rescue? Not unless he can bat for the top order..

  1. africanherbsman1967

    Good piece.

    1. We need more bouncy pitches. Most pitches in the WI first class game are spinner friendly. Hence the rise of so many spinners here. Our batters therefore are not used to the effective fast/seam bowling they face at test level.

    2. The main local cricket 3 day tournament should be made up of cricket clubs rather than based on islands. As the island scenario just brings so much divide, infighting and animosity. We could then attract some of the good foreign players and other islanders to be part of these club teams.

    3. Sarwan has had his problems with this and other previous coaches and captains over the years e.g. Bennett King, Brian Lara. The missing big players were not that effective when they were in the squad lately. Having a habit of scoring runs when the series is already lost. I think we have lost over 90% of the last 89 test matches played.

    4. The West Indies board needs to be more professional and frank with the direction they are taking the game. Just look at the debacle of 2 of the current team arriving a week late in England due to no visa had being processed.

    5. The Board should work with the ICC and IPL so that the IPL does not encroach on the West Indies international fixture list. So all our players are available.

    6. Definitely need better batting coaches at the junior level. Even if it means going beyond our shores to get such quality batting coaches.

    I am dreading the upcoming home series against the Black Caps.


    1. MendelBlog Post author

      Thanks for replying ! You know a lot more about West Indies cricket at home than me obviously lol

      Who is the next in line few batsmen out there ? Who are the ones that are hitting the FC runs in the domestic tornaments?



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